System Chart SC-1600 / SC-1600 POLA


System Chart SC-1600 / SC-1600 POLA
  • Selectable working distance
  • Contrast test
  • Polarized charts for binocular test
  • Center display function
  • Operation with remote control

Product Information


Selectable working distanceThe working distance can be pre-selected from 2.5 to 6 m in increments of 1 cm or 1 inch, accommodating any size exam room. The image size can be reduced or enlarged corresponding to the established working distance to keep the same visual angle. The same working distance is also adjustable to accommodate mirrored exam rooms.Contrast testTo support patients who have undergone cataract or refractive surgery, the SC-1600Pola / 1600 has the ability to measure contrast sensitivity at three different levels below the normal threshold.
Polarized chart for binocular test (only for SC-1600Pola)The SC-1600Pola adopts the state-of-the-art technology, special LCD to polarize charts, which provides binocular assessment in a conventional way with stylish design.Center display functionsThe SC-1600Pola / 1600 provides single letter and horizontal / vertical line masking, with the image always displayed in the center of the screen. Characters displayed on horizontal line isolation can be randomized to prevent letter memorization.
Operation with remote controlThe SC-1600Pola / 1600 can be operated with a newly designed remote control. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, and the large LCD has room to display plenty of information. Compared to its predecessor, this remote control has fewer buttons and the layout is better organized allowing the practitioner to operate it intuitively.

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