Industrial Edgers Innovative edging setup in your lab

Industrial Edgers

Industrial Edgers Innovative edging setup in your lab

With a wide variety of industrial edging systems, NIDEK offers higher productivity and enhanced lens processing quality. By flexibly combining dry and wet edging with our robotic handling unit, you will achieve greater efficiency and productivity in your lab.

Industrial Edger NIDEK industrial lab edging systems are extremely accurate, durable, robust, and adaptable for labs of all sizes. Various configurations are available to meet the needs of each specific lab.


Product Information


System Edger

System Dry Edger Xtrimer SE-1 System Edger SE-9090 Supra System Edger SE-9090 Supra L Auto Drilling Unit AHM-1000 Supra

Auto Edging System

Auto Edging System AES-2200 Auto Edging System AES-1500 Auto Edging System AES-1000

Handling Unit

Robotic Handling Unit RHU-2200 Robotic Handling Unit RHU-1500 Robotic Handling Unit RHU-1000

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