About us

About Us

Avnet is a leading provider of equipment
for Ophthalmology & Optometry in Israel



Since our inception in 1986 Avnet has been positioned as a leading provider to the Israel Ophthalmic and Ophthalmology community providing the most comprehensive and advanced solutions for Eye Health. We are dedicated to equipping eye care providers with the most suitable solutions to ensure quality patient care. 


Avnet is  proud to be associated for many years with some of the leading, innovative and most prominent manufactures including such esteemed corporations as NIDEK, OCULUS, MANI, GEUDER, OCULAR INSTRUMENTS, KIRWAN, HURRICANE as well as other fine partners. We have a passion for superior quality products and long lasting partnerships.


The combination of quality manufacturer partnerships, our core company values and dedicated employees enables AVNET to provide customers with an unmatched product experience.


We have a highly qualified and experience team of sales and service technicians, specialized for specific segments of the market, who are devoted to finding the most appropriate solutions needed by the customers. We take pride in our clinical and technical support team, designed to provide our customers with ongoing support on advanced technology products, ensuring they get the most out of their equipment. While we can safely say our equipment and related products rank at the very top in terms of quality and reliability, systems can breakdown. Avnet places major emphasis to ensure that such unexpected events will not be an obstruction to our customers through our professional laboratory run by highly experienced and knowledgeable team. 


Our hard earned track record has made AVNET a preferred supplier to the community. We listen, understand and value our customers. 

Our company is managed by seasoned professionals understanding the intricacies of the business, our board is headed by leading medical and scientific individuals in the discipline of Eye Health. 


We are proud what we have achieved since inception but never rest. We always strive to improve, innovate and lead the market. We are continually embracing cutting edge technologies allowing us to move forward and create more value for our customers.