Yellow Scan Laser Photocoagulator YLC-500 Vixi /500


Yellow Scan Laser Photocoagulator YLC-500 Vixi /500
  • Stable and reliable yellow laser
  • Multiple scan patterns (only for YLC-500 Vixi)
  • Auto forward (only for YLC-500 Vixi)
  • User friendly features
  • Wide range of selectable delivery units

Product Information


Attributes of the 577 nm Yellow Laser

The 577 nm yellow laser is minimally absorbed by xanthophyll and is well absorbed by oxygenated hemoglobin compared to 532 nm laser making it the wavelength of choice for lesions close to the macula. A momentary increase followed by a plateau and an immediate decrease enables rapid and high-power laser emission for the scan patterns.

Multiple scan patterns (only for YLC-500 Vixi)

The YLC-500 Vixi has 22 preprogrammed scan patterns to allow treatment of varying retinal pathologies. *1 For equal space patterns, No. v No. indicates the number of spots in horizontal and vertical directions. *2 The arcade grid pattern is used for treatment of the periphery of macula in one-sixth units. The inner diameter is fixed and spot sizes range from 100 to 200 μm.

Auto Forward (only for YLC-500 Vixi)

Once photocoagulation is completed in one region, the auto forward function automatically positions the scan pattern to the next region of treatment, allowing the surgeon to concentrate on adjusting focus.

User friendly features

An intuitive graphic user interface and easy-to-read touch screen color LCD allow quick and easy setup and verification of the scan pattern and treatment parameters. Wide range of selectable delivery units Scan Delivery Unit • Scan slit lamp delivery unit (NIDEK SL-2000/1800) • Scan attachable delivery unit (NIDEK SL-2000/1800/1600, ZEISS SL130 and HAAG BQ900) Single Delivery Unit • Slit lamp delivery unit (NIDEK SL-2000/1800) • Attachable delivery unit (NIDEK SL-2000/1800/1600 and ZEISS SL130) • BIO delivery unit (HEINE OMEGA 500) • Endophotocoagulation delivery unit (ZEISS and LEICA)

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