Instrument Delivery Tables


Instrument Delivery Tables

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ak 150 DLMobile instrument delivery table on two synchronized electric lifts. The heavy duty table offers numerous ergonomic and functional user benefits to medical staff and patients alike.● Very stable, low vibration, high load bearing● Suitable for wheel chair patients● No cross bar in the foot area
ak 130 HD The ak 130 is a is a very solidly build and durable instrument power table. It’s 35 kg cast iron heavy base provides extremely reliable footing and tilt stability. The H shaped base is wheel chair…
ak 106 vario The ak 106 vario is a is a very versatile and affordable instrument power table. The table is designed for center or off center actuator position. The table ships folded down, which minimizes…ak 103 The ak 106 vario is a is a very versatile, solidly build instrument power table. The powder coated base and scratch resistant table top make for long lasting, reliable product. The bases are designed…

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