Optical Biometer AL-Scan


Optical Biometer AL-Scan
  • Effortless measurement of 6 clinical parameters in 10 seconds
  • Anterior segment observation with Scheimpflug imaging and double mire ring keratometry
  • Optional built-in ultrasound biometer
  • IOL power calculation and IOL constants optimization
  • Additional features with AL-Scan Viewer for NAVIS-EX

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Effortless measurement of 6 clinical parameters in 10 seconds

In 10 seconds, six values for cataract surgery are measured:•Axial length•Corneal curvature radius•Anterior chamber depth•Central corneal thickness•White-to-white distance•Pupil size3-D auto tracking and auto shotThe 3-D auto tracking follows eye movements along the X-Y-Z directions to ensure accurate alignment of the eye. Once correct alignment is completed, the auto shot immediately captures the image and data. Optional incorporation of the Barrett IOL formulas into the AL-Scan Optical Biometer AL-Scan video

Anterior segment observation with Scheimpflug imaging and double mire ring keratometry

The AL-Scan provides sectional lens image, pupil image, and reflected image of double mire rings projected onto the cornea.

Optional built-in ultrasound biometer

In cases where the optical biometer cannot measure an eye with an extremely dense cataract, the AL-Scan provides an optional built-in ultrasound biometer, allowing measurement of virtually any cataractous eye with a combined model. The AL-Scan requires no connection with an external ultrasound unit.The IOL power is automatically calculated after measurement. Calculation of a personalized IOL constant improves postoperative accuracy.•Conventional: SRK, SRK II, SRK/T, Binkhorst, Hoffer Q, Holladay 1, Haigis, Camellin-Calossi•Post-LASIK: Camellin-Calossi, Shammas-PL

Additional features with AL-Scan Viewer for NAVIS-EX* (optional)

AL-Scan Viewer is software used for viewing and working with AL-Scan data via NAVIS-EX. This functionality enhances the capability of the AL-Scan with additional features and increases the efficiency of any clinic.* NAVIS-EX is optional software and is required for use of the AL-Scan Viewer.Data management and IOL power calculationsThe large storage capacity of the NAVIS-EX database is available for review on the AL-Scan Viewer. The basic functions of the AL-Scan can also be performed with the AL-Scan Viewer including IOL power calculations and optimization of IOL constants.Toric lens assist functionAcquisition of multiple toric lens assist images allows selection of the optimal image for digitally marking the astigmatic axis. These images allow better surgical planning for accurate toric IOL alignment.Recalculation of measured valuesThe AL-Scan Viewer allows recalculation of modified axial length, white-to-white, and pupil size data for accurate calculations.

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