Dexta Corporation Surgical chair and stools


Dexta Corporation Surgical chair and stools

Dexta Corporation specializes in engineering and manufacturing products for a variety of medical professions. We Specialize in the Science of Patient Positioning. Each product is designed to serve a specific purpose.


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Ophthalmology – Chairs Dexta’s Ophthalmology Chairs have set the standard for over 50 years. They’re available in a wide range of styles to suit each Doctor’s need.Lasik & Cataract Eye Surgery ChairsDexta Corporation is proud to introduce you to their newest innovation – the EXTO chair. The EXTO chair was designed to fill the growing need of doctors for a safe and stable Lasik surgery platform – with easy patient access and exit.The EXTO chair is the first chair that enables the physician to blend the Femto and Excimer lasers together – into one smooth operation.
Ophthalmology – Stools

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