Synergetics USA Inc., is a world-class supplier of products for retina surgery that includes Photon Light Source, an extensive array of laser probes and fiber optic illuminators, the DDMS® (Diamond Dusted Membrane Scraper series), the Pinnacle series of single-use instruments, and a broad array of other accessory products for retinal procedures.


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Synergetics main focus is vitreoretinal surgical items, including handheld disposable and reusable forceps and scissors, fiberoptics for illumination and photocoagulation, cannulas, scrapers, posterior vitrectomy packs, and other reusable and disposable surgical devices.In October 2015, Bausch + Lomb completed its acquisition of Synergetics USA Inc

Synergetics Pinnacle Instruments

Pinnacle 360°™ is our range of fully disposable, hand-held retinal surgical instruments. As its name suggests, the Pinnacle 360° product line aims to be at the top of its class in both quality and value. With Pinnacle 360°, surgeons can expect consistent performance on every case.Pinnacle 360° offers the widest variety of disposable tip options.Additional benefits include:360° actuation to approach the retina from any angleErgonomic design to reduce fatigueColour-coded handles for gauge identificationAvailable in 18ga, 19ga, 20ga, 23ga, 25ga and 27ga

Synergetics Laser

The Synergetics range consistently offers high quality tools and products used by retinal surgeons. Our laser probes are no exception. For years, we have offered the largest selection of laser probes on the market, establishing the Synergetics brand in the industry. With our extensive line of high-performance laser probes, developed with years of experience and the guidance of retinal surgeons worldwide, Bausch + Lomb Synergetics continues the tradition of providing surgeons with innovative surgical tools that meet expectations.Our range of single use laser probes comprises:Directional laser probesStraight laser probesCurved laser probesIlluminated laser probes

Synergetics Illumination

A full portfolio of light sources, endoilluminators, chandeliers, and multifunctional illuminators are also available through the Synergetics range:Light sourcesEndoilluminators – Widefield, Midfield, FocalChandeliers and Illuminated Infusion ChandeliersMultifunctional IlluminatorsIllumination adaptersLight SourcesPhoton™ EXBuilding on a legacy of the original PHOTON light source, the next-generation PHOTON EX retains the ability to use two illumination ports. Both ports are precisely aligned for maximum output with the smallest of fibres, while also monitoring phototoxic risk via SmartCard™. Additional features include:Digital controls and user interfaceSelectable band-pass filters, including 435nm, 455nm, 475nm and 515nmEmbedded illumination receptacles on the front faceLamp reset via background menu or scanned bar codePhoton™ II EXPHOTON II EX features all the benefits of the PHOTON EX, but it utilises a Mercury Vapor bulb instead of a Xenon bulb and provides up to 2 times more illumination through a 300-micron fibre. PHOTON II EX provides a specific viewing environment, which can improve contrast between intraocular structures.Photon™The Synergetics® PHOTON revolutionised illumination in vitreoretinal surgery. The PHOTON utilises a sophisticated system of lenses and filters, combined with a Xenon bulb to provide high levels of illumination through microfibres™

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