100% perfluorooctane

  • Medical aid e.g. unfolding detached retina, trauma or laser coagulation
  • cleaned up
  • Density 1.76 g / cm 3

Vial G-80305 F-Octane, 5 ml, sterile
Vial G-80307 F-Octane, 7 ml, sterile
Syringe G-80315 F-Octane, 5 ml, sterile
Syringe G-80317 F-Octane, 7 ml, sterile


Product Information


100% fluorinated, liquid perfluorooctane

F-Octane is a sterile fluorocarbon compound of high density (1.76 g / cm 3 containing), which consists only of CC and CF bonds, and no significant amounts of biologically active components. Due to the extraordinary stability of the CF bonds, F-octane is chemically and physiologically inert and completely non-toxic.


As a medical aid in:
  • Deployment of detached retina
  • Giant tears
  • trauma
  • laser coagulation
  • cryotherapy
  • Lifting of luxated lenses
  • Short-term tamponade

Comparison of ultrapure perfluorocarbons

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